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- History -

The Guitar Association of Tampere was founded on the 15th of December in 1971. In the constitutive meeting were present in the order of the namelist Kari Äikäs, Anssi Suomalainen, Esko Koivisto, Kari Peitsamo, Seppo Salo, Heikki Näreikkö, Tapio Sandström, Heimo Lajunen, Kimmo Lehtonen, Jorma Kauppinen, Kari Suoniemi, Hannu Rantala, Jaakko Silvennoinen, Matti Rauhala, Kaarlo Kanerva, Veikko

A meeting in Hotel Emmaus on the 23.2.-73:
J. Silvennoinen (back left), J. Kauppinen,
K. Äikäs (front right).

10th year festive occasion in the Restaurant Kustaa the III on
the 10.11.-81: A. Suomalainen (left), I. Ketonen, K. Suoniemi, M. Rauhala,
J. Silvennoinen, Hannu Rantala and K. Äikäs.

     Neva and Ossi Niemistö. The unanimous decision of the assembly was to found an association called the Guitar Association of Tampere. In the next meeting in Kilta of Kaleva on the 15th of January in 1972 the members of the board of directors were elected, in which belonged president Jaakko Silvennoinen, secretary Jorma kauppinen, treasurer Anssi Suomalainen and Martti Rauhala and Kari Äikäs.

- Crucial dates -

15.12.1971 constitutive meeting in café Tikankolo.
12.01.1972 organization meeting in Kilta of Kaleva.
12.02.1973 the application for the registration of the Association was handed over to the city administrative court.
17.01.1974 The Guitar Association of Tampere was entered in the register of associations

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